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Things To Do in Allentown Pennsylvania

Jan 11

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The City of Allentown is located in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania. It is a riverside city that is home to many attractions. Among the best are the Lehigh Valley Heritage Center, the Allentown Museum of Art, the Lehigh Valley Railroad Museum, and the Liberty Bell Museum.

Allentown was founded by William Allen in 1762. He was a former mayor of Philadelphia and chief justice of the province of Pennsylvania. In the early 1800s, the town had four flour mills, a woolen mill, and sawmills. There was also a tannery and two saddle makers.

The city of Allentown was first named Northampton Town, but its name changed in 1838. As the center of trade in the Keystone state, it became known as "The City of Allentown."

The city of Allentown has a population of over 330,000. This includes over a dozen different ethnic groups. The largest groups are Puerto Rican, Italian, and Dominican. Most of the population is made up of women. Nearly 30% of the city's population is between the ages of 25 and 44.

Allentown's economy has been based on service industries, with some manufacturing. Although the industrial base of the economy has decreased, the health care industry has expanded significantly. Today, the city's economy is centered around warehousing, transportation, and health care.

Allentown's redevelopment plan focused on the Central Business District. Several new structures were planned, including a five-acre site. An estimated $277 million was budgeted for the redevelopment project. However, due to the financial shortcomings of the city, many working class families left. Subsidized housing and lax zoning enforcement led to the creation of inexpensive multi-family apartments. These subsidized apartments caused a number of problems, including poverty.

Since the 1970s, Allentown's population has changed dramatically. Many of the city's older homes were sold to landlords and converted into multi-family apartments. New immigrants moved into the area, mainly from the New York City area, and became a part of the Allentown population. A major draw to this area was the availability of subsidized housing.

Allentown has a mild spring climate, with a short, warm fall. Although the city has a population of tens of thousands, it is still small enough to enjoy a variety of attractions. If you are looking for a relaxing vacation, the Lehigh Valley is the perfect place to visit. Located on the Lehigh River, Allentown offers visitors an old world charm and a great selection of things to do.

Allentown is a popular tourist destination. You can explore the history of the city by taking a tour of the Liberty Bell Museum or the Museum of Indian Culture. For a more educational experience, check out the Allentown Museum of Art. This museum houses a vast collection of local and Native American art. The museum also offers education programs.

Other attractions include the Allentown Museum of Transportation. Visitors can see a number of collections of vehicles, including antique and vintage vehicles, and self-propelled bicycles. Also, the Lehigh Valley Heritage Center offers a great deal of historical artifacts.