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New Holland Pennsylvania - A Small Town With Big Ideas

Feb 16

New Holland Pennsylvania is a charming and welcoming town surrounded by farmland. This quaint town is rich in history and boasts a long tradition of community involvement.

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Many people come to this area for the Amish Country experience, but it also has plenty to offer those who don't wish to leave their comfort zones. Whether you want to shop for the latest fashions or find a local Amish family to dine with, New Holland is an excellent destination for a variety of experiences.

Located just 12 miles E of Lancaster, PA (center to center) and 49 miles W of Philadelphia, this small but mighty borough is known for its quaintness and charm. The community's small town spirit is bolstered by its quaint traditions such as the venerable New Holland Village Band, which has been playing since 1829 and is the second-oldest of its kind in the world.

The community band is an important part of New Holland's culture, and it can be heard playing throughout the year at local venues including restaurants, events, and even concerts. Its storied history is well documented in the local newspaper, and the band has also made appearances on national television.

Another cherished tradition in New Holland is the annual Farmer's Fair, held in October. The three-day festival features a farmers' market, a tractor pull, and an old-fashioned carnival.

This event draws crowds of visitors from across the region. It is the perfect way to see the countryside from a unique perspective, and it is a great opportunity to support the local economy!

Founded in 1927, the event was modeled after those of its neighboring towns, Manheim and Lititz. The local business community studied the success of these events and decided to start one of its own in the fall.

The fair has been a tradition for more than a century, and it continues to attract local residents and tourists from around the country. The fair also raises money for charities and other organizations in the community.

A variety of events are held at the fair each year, such as a parade and an art show. In addition, there are a variety of food booths.

Some of the popular vendors at the fair include Amish crafts, baked goods, and fresh produce. You can also find a variety of antiques and home goods.

There are also a variety of entertainment options for guests to enjoy during the fair, such as a concert by Shorty Long and his Santa Fe Rangers. Other attractions at the fair include a parade, horse races, and rides.

It is best to arrive early for the Farmer's Fair, so be sure to get there in plenty of time to enjoy all of its activities and festivities. The fair runs from 10 am to 5 pm on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, and it is open to the public on Sunday as well.

The fair also hosts an auction each Monday morning, with livestock such as horses, cattle, sheep, goats and hogs being sold. Before any animal is accepted for sale, a veterinarian checks it to make sure it's in good health.